The best jetpacks in video games

Who wants to walk and climb in a video game when you can just hover over the level or the map? There’s been a colossal shift in the way shooters and action games have been made over the last decade or so. What started as a singular walk and jump type of game has now evolved into a revival of wall running and air floating.

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With this new wave of movement came the use of jetpacks. Games today have found plenty of ways to incorporate the upgrade, like granting you a jump boost or even an unlimited flight mechanic that may or may not have side-locked turrets.


seven Titanfall

Titanfall is a movement-centric game. Before the launch of the game, there was nothing like it. Titanfall revolutionized the way we see first-person shooters today.

You have the option to wall run and double jump. The two moves go hand-in-hand, as you’ll likely need to double-jump over a wall to run. The double jump can still be used to reach any of the mechs roaming the multiplayer map. Once on top of the robot, you can inflict irreversible damage. This double jump starts off as a singular jump, but turns into a boost caused by the two boosters strapped to your back, allowing you to slide farther than a traditional jump.

6 Halo Range

The most controversial jetpack on this list is the Halo jetpack. Many purists believe this is when Halo saw its own demise. Critics and fans alike complained that the abilities given to them by playing Reach were just too much and that Halo didn’t need those items. Like most things, fans seemed to be quick to accept the change. Today, people even consider Halo Reach to be one of the best Halo games in the series.

The Halo Reach jetpack can be clumsy and irritable, since it basically functions as a slingshot. When you hold the locked button on your special, the jetpack quickly rises to the top – with little guidance. Still, adding the jetpack to Halo was a necessary and enjoyable inclusion. Prior to its introduction, Halo’s gameplay was a bit stiff and primitive. The jetpacks only improved movement and freshened up a game that badly needed it.

5 Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is a series where the jetpack just feels right. Not having the mechanic in-game would make vast open maps even bigger and matches slower. Finding yourself in a pinch, only to propel yourself and rush towards your teammates is fascinating. Hitting a sniper or pulse cannon fired into the air across the map, as your thrusters launch you into the sky, is unmatched.

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Scouring Hoth or Endor for an enemy is so much easier with a jetpack strapped to your back. Plus, this Star Wars Battlefront technology is one of the smoothest in any video game.

4 James Bond 007: From Russia with Love

Fantastic use of the jetpack that just wasn’t long enough. Almost halfway through James Bond 007: From Russia With Love, the spy comes across a jetpack. At first glance, you might think you can’t fly this thing, but you’d be wrong. Bond approaches the machine and straps himself in. That’s when you start getting high.

What makes this level not only the best in the game, but arguably one of the best Bond missions in the entire history of Bond games, is the automatic turret fixing. The controls while using the jetpack are quite simplistic in every way, making aiming the gun turret to be fun and exciting to control. Float from room to room, mowing down enemies, as Bond reminisces about his best attempt at playing a superhero.

3 GTA online

Undeniably the most expensive jetpack on this list, GTA Online offers one for $2.75 million. If you have played GTA Online, you will know that this amount of money is not easy to achieve. It’s not like you can jump into the game for the first time and buy it. Nevertheless, if you manage to get the jetpack, it’s glorious.

Once purchased, it’s officially your jetpack. You can call it like you would any other vehicle you own. It comes with rockets and a machine gun equipped, ready to help you take out other players. Pairing that with the ability to cross town is a deadly and exciting combination. Aiming is somewhat flawed at first, due to the chunky jetpack filling the center focus of your screen, but it’s something you’re able to handle soon after your first test drive.

2 Jetpack ride

Would this be a jetpack list without Jetpack Joyride? This title takes the concept of floating on a jetpack to the extreme. Jetpack Joyride is an abundance of game concepts – dodge objects as well as enemies, shoot your way, while collecting coins to unlock many other jetpacks.

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You start with the most traditional jetpack. However, the more coins you collect, the more weird jetpack you can unlock. You’ll find yourself on a dragon jetpack, or even on a jetpack that uses the power of rainbows to travel through whatever level you’re in. If you are looking for the most options in your jetpack game, look no further than Jetpack Joyride.

1 Destroy all humans!

In Destroy All Humans, you play as Crypto, a comical alien who is sent to Earth to destroy it in 1959. He is equipped with weapons capable of hypnotizing humans, blowing their brains out, or even just electrocuting them. Crypto can also fly his spaceship around the city, causing even greater damage.

Undoubtedly, the central mechanic is the jetpack. With a character like Crypto – a sarcastic but ruthless alien – it’s only fair to have a jetpack. Even in the original 2005 version, the mechanics were perfect. When flying, you have full control and can go wherever you want. When you land, the jetpack folds inwards with a nice animation. Everything from the design of the jetpack to the sight of Crypto’s feet swaying from side to side as he moves forward is awesome. Crypto’s jetpack is the most practical and compact design, while still feeling the most capable and dynamic.

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