The best video games coming in June 2022

June will be a month for video game announcements, reveals and trailers – not so much game releases.

For example, next month will host Summer Game Fest, which will be Geoff Keighley’s replacement event for E3, and will run throughout June.

Last year’s event revealed notable titles such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the first look at Elden Ring, and the final version of Lost Ark.

This year will likely be no different as major publishers in the video game industry will make appearances including 2K, Bandai Namco, Blizzard, Gearbox Publishing, Netflix, PlayStation, Square Enix and many more.

This festival will also host Day of the Devs, which is the annual indie game showcase of Double Fine and iam8bit.

This year’s Day of the Devs will mark the 10th anniversary of the event, with past showcases featuring games like Axiom Verge and Ghostrunner.

However, while the focus is on these announcements, that doesn’t mean June doesn’t have any mentionable headline releases.

Below is a list of the best games coming to PC and consoles in June 2022.

Diablo Immortal

Release date: June 2

Platforms: pc

Diablo Immortal will be an all-new online multiplayer action-RPG designed for mobile but also available through open beta on PC.

Fight against ancient evils and experience the untold story between Diablo II and Diablo III, with new champions, creatures, and ancient spawns.

The career

Release date: June 10

Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

The career is an interactive horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games.

The game follows a group of teenage counselors from Hackett’s Quarry who have camp to themselves for one last night – no rules, adults or annoying little kids.

However, their party plans turn into an unpredictable night of horror.

This thrilling cinematic game will put you in control of the fate of the camp’s nine counselors with life or death decisions at every turn.

The choices you make will determine how the story unfolds, with 186 different outcomes.

Mario Striker: Battle League

Release date: June 10

Platforms: Light switch

Mario Strikers: Battle League is an upcoming Multiplayer video game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo.

The game is a 5v5 football type sport with no rules except you have to score the most goals to win.

Do whatever it takes to be victorious, like taking on enemies, using items, and performing score-boosting Hyper Strikes.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun

Release date: June 30th

Platforms: PC and Switch

Monster Hunter is an action role-playing video game franchise developed and published by Capcom.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun is an extension of the first Monster Hunter Rise.

This expansion pack will include improved gameplay and combat mechanics, new unique monsters and hunting locations, and a new level of difficulty in the form of Master Rank quests.

To see full expansion pack details, click here.

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