The Diversity of Web-Based Video Games


The video game industry is constantly improving and involves all types of games. While gamers are mostly excited about the nintendo and PlayStation releases, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for other news as browser titles continue to expand as well. We all know that web video games are a great solution when you need to play something fun and fast. Playing the same simple games over and over again is not something people want, which is why the developers make sure to provide hundreds and hundreds of these little titles. On gaming platforms like you can discover all these titles divided into dozens of categories for your convenience. Browser-based video games are no longer mere skins and platforms like before. There is a great diversity to explore.

Types of online video games

All computer games can be divided into categories based on their genre, mood, theme, etc. The same goes for browser games. There is a wide range of browser titles that you can find on one site. This way, it’s simple and convenient to try all kinds of games without downloading anything or changing platforms. Here are some of the popular genres of online video games:

  • Action – one of the oldest and most popular genres. With these games, it is necessary to run, shoot, jump, dodge, and more. They are fast and will suit players who want to test their reaction.
  • Magic – many gamers love fantasy and anything related to magic. These games may belong to different genres, but one thing that brings them together is their magical theme. If you love fantasy aesthetics, these titles are for you;
  • Fashion – this category includes all kinds of fashion-related games, from dress-up titles to makeup and hair styling. These games are mostly relaxing and don’t require a lot of skill to play. They are very artistic and you can use your imagination to create amazing styles;
  • Casual – although browser games are generally all about casual, they can still be difficult for some people or require a specific skill. If you want to play something really simple and relaxing, try this category. Games are still fun but more relaxed;
  • Aliens – space theme is another popular topic in video games. In this category, you’ll find shooters, arcades, puzzles, and more, but with aliens and space;
  • Build – it’s super satisfying to build something while playing games. This is why there are entire titles dedicated to building. Here you can build castles, farms, apartment buildings or even entire worlds;
  • Christmas – holiday-themed games hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers. It’s great to put them on during the holidays or even before to put you in the right mood for Christmas. Just like Christmas music, it’s good to place these games for the mood.

These are just some of the types of games you can find on Game Karma. There are dozens of different categories and you can try them all for free.

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Carolyn M. Daniel