The first PlayStation Plus free games bundle of June 2022 revealed

The first PlayStation Plus free games bundle for June 2022 has been confirmed for a popular title that is set to receive a major update very soon.

Sony is teaming up again to offer something extra for current PS Plus subscribers who may not be looking for a new game to play.

Instead, they can collect an exclusive pack as part of their membership which can help them in the game.

And fans have already taken advantage of this for titles like GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Apex Legends. And now Sony has confirmed the first of its PlayStation Plus free game bundles that will be available in June 2022.

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MultiVersus | “You are with me!” Official Cinematic Trailer





June 2022 PS Plus free games revealed early

Sony announced one of its upcoming promotions early by confirming that a free Genshin Impact PS Plus bundle will be released in June 2022. This is in addition to the trio of free games that will be announced over the next few weeks and launch on June 7th. This follows a similar deal offered to Call of Duty Warzone players after the release of the new Operation Monarch event.

This new deal covering Genshin Impact should go live after the release of version 2.7 and should continue to be available throughout June 2022. The only thing that makes this promotion a little different is that developers miHoYo plan to repeat it whenever a new Genshin update is released. published.

This means you’ll be able to stock up on essential supplies as long as you have a PS Plus subscription before the main banners go live in 2022, covering characters like Yelan and whoever follows in 2.8. miHoYo also confirmed that fans can expect top-ups on Mystic Enhancement Ore, Fragile Resin and more, although no plans have been put in place to add free Primogems during this promotion.

A new message from the Sony and Genshin teams confirms: “Finally, we would like to offer all PS Plus members the PS Plus bundle including Mora ×50,000, Hero’s Wit ×20, Mystic Enhancement Ore ×15 and Fragile Resin ×2 during the next version 2.7.

“After every Genshin Impact version update, this pack will be refreshed and you can buy it again for free. And that’s it for our sharing on 2.7 version. We want to thank you again for your support continuous, and we look forward to bringing you more fun and excitement next time.

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