The first two Project Cars video games will hit stores before the end of the year

Project Cars and its sequel Project Cars 2 will be removed from digital storefronts online and on video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Current physical stock will remain on sale in stores, but no new copies will be produced.

“Due to the expiration of the car and track licenses, both Project cars and Project Cars 2 will be removed from sale in the coming months,” said the official announcement made on Twitter reads. “The games remain fully playable and our players will still be able to enjoy all of the game’s features, including multiplayer. We will be removing Project Cars from sale on October 3 and Project Cars 2 on September 21. We remain focused on creating the best sim racing titles and, as mentioned earlier, we look forward to sharing more about the upcoming Slightly Mad project when the time is right.

As mentioned above, both Project Cars video games will continue to run smoothly on all platforms and online functionality should not be affected.

The Project Cars series isn’t the first racing game franchise to be affected by the price of track and car licenses. Fans of the various Forza video games are more than aware of this problem which usually forces a Forza game to roll off the shelves of digital stores several years after its release.

The original Cars project launched on Xbox One and Windows PC in 2015, while its sequel followed two years later in 2017.

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