The impact of video games on gamers

Video games are part of the lifestyle of many and the majority agree that playing them helped shape their childhood. From the 70s until today, video games have been a favorite entertainment for many and have thus become part of the culture of many young people of different ages and generations. Our current world-renowned inventors, especially in innovation and technological advancements, were once gamers of their time and these video games have become an inspiration to create more advanced video games or to design gadgets inspired by video games to come true and be applied in the present day. time.

One of the positive influences of video gaming is to stimulate the player’s mind, interest and creativity and to become a convergent thinker.

Technology and video games

The progress of video games has been greatly impacted by the evolution of technology that we are now experiencing in a positive way. Life has become more convenient although it has also become fast. Rest, relaxation and mere vice have become more like a luxury like online betting, so it is good to know that virtual bettors can place a bet on any notable. online casino in new zealand.

The video game platform

Video game can also be called computer game. It is a computing platform accessible on smartphones, laptops, arcades, tablets, personal computers and smartwatches. The digital graphics are downloadable and players can interact using their modern gadget or using any input device such as a keyboard, motion sensing device, joystick or controller.

Here is the list of the top five (5) devices on which gamers can interact and play their favorite video games:

  1. Arcade game

Arcade games were popular in the 80s and 90s and the games were accessible in public entertainment venues like malls or public markets. It can be played with a single game. The electronic device is enclosed in a large coin-operated cabinet along with the controllers such as CRT screen, joystick, buttons and speakers.

  1. home video console

The home video console is an electronic device that connects to a television or computer monitor to play games like Legend of Zelda or Super Mario. It comes with an external power source as a game controller to be used to input a video game so that the player can control the character in the game.

  1. computer game

These are also known as PC games or personal computer games played on the PC or laptop downloaded from the internet or simple virtual or video cards and central processing units. Players can play different interactive games via stream or download them. Popular computer games are Minecraft, Roblox and Angry Birds.

  1. Portable console

This type of console was famous in the 1990s and 2000s and is very popular among millennials and Generation Z. Handheld console is a portable electronic game device that consists of buttons, audio, and a small screen. The handheld console may not be as popular as the PC game, but it is accessible due to its size and can also play various games. Unfortunately, the popularity of this console has slowly declined over time due to the dominance of mobile games.

  1. Virtual reality

The player must use special head-mounted equipment with a 360-degree camera and stereoscopic screens, a game controller, and motion tracking. The player will dive into the 3-dimensional world where he can interact with other players giving the illusion that the players are in the digital world.

Final preview:

Playing video games has been a favorite escape for many different generations. Like technology, it has simply evolved but never lacked style.

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Carolyn M. Daniel