The most difficult game delays in video games

Many different games feature tricky timers in different ways, but things reach a whole new level of difficulty when significant portions, if not the entire game, come down to a deadline. Having to save the day within a certain amount of time is something that can make the first time playing a game brutally difficult.

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Most people don’t think about the time limits that games impose on players, but some of the most famous game series have used them. Incredibly long RPGs, bizarre adventures, and even fun collect-a-thons have all used tight deadlines in their games.


ten Majora’s Mask

It’s unlikely anyone will forget Majora’s Mask anytime soon. The game is one of the scariest in all of Zelda, and it’s one of the only games to impose a tight time limit on its players. You have three days to save Termina and nothing more.

Of course, you can use some cheats like resetting or slowing down time, but even with that the game is not easy. Realizing that you won’t have enough time to complete a dungeon before the three days are up is one of the biggest difficulties a player could face.

9 persona 4 golden

There’s a lot to do and a lot of interesting party members to meet in Persona 4. As you have to manage your time perfectly to do everything you want, it can be difficult for some players to meet the game’s deadlines. Some are easier than others, but some will test your ability to share your time.

Series experts may scoff at the deadlines, but those new to Persona and RPGs in general may struggle to figure out all the things they need to do and how little time they have to do it.

8 Castlevania 2: Simons’ Quest

A lot of people might not even have known there was a Deadline in Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, because there really isn’t much attention paid to it. The game offers three different endings to complete – depending on how many days it takes you to complete the game.

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If you take longer than 15 days, you get the bad ending in which Simon dies. The normal ending is between eight and 14 days, while the good ending can only be seen by beating the game in seven days or less.

seven pikmine

Pikmin is a relatively relaxed game for the most part, which makes people forget that you’re on a deadline all the time. You only have a few days to get everything you need to repair your amazing spaceship.

Meeting the time limit can be difficult for some players as there are three endings for Pikmin. While the best ending is a happy one, the worst is a bizarre, dark affair for a fairly upbeat Nintendo game. All you get is thirty games, so hurry!

6 donkey kong 64

A lot of people who haven’t played Donkey Kong 64 might be scratching their heads. Yes, it’s a fantastic collect-a-thon, but it has a level that puts you under a tight deadline if you haven’t played your cards right.

Blueprints are one of the important collectibles in the game, and those who neglected them will be in for a world of pain once they reach Hideout Helm. The entire level is on a countdown, something that can only be increased by collecting blueprints. With only a few collected, the level is brutally difficult.

5 Persona 5: Royal

Like Persona 4, Persona 5: Royal has many timelines. It’s your job to get to the end of all those twisted palaces before some of the worst things imaginable happen. Even some series pros have struggled to adjust to the size and delicate layout of some palaces.

It’s another challenge to balance your time with your many companions and secondary characters while improving your own personal skills and stealing people’s hearts. The game shows a lot of people that time management isn’t for everyone.

4 Resident Evil: Outbreak

One of the things that a lot of people love about the early Resident Evil games is that even though you have a story to complete and an outbreak to survive, you can take your time most of the time. Resident Evil: Outbreak changed that formula by giving you a strict time limit.

You must complete the level you are in before your character becomes infected. When playing online, your gauge will continue to climb until you become a zombie, but if you’re alone, it’s game over.

When it comes to games with time limits, XCOM 2 can be one of the most brutal. Several challenging missions you embark on will all need to be completed in just a few turns to avoid an alien backup, and others will require you to save a beacon before it’s destroyed. It’s safe to say that the game is way harder than it looks at a glance.

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Other than that, you only have a short time before the aliens grow too powerful to stop in general, resulting in a game over. You can reset alien progress, but doing so requires taking on the most difficult missions available.

2 Prince of Persia

While many games give you individual timers for different levels of the game, the original Prince Of Persia had a different idea. The entire game gives you a sixty minute time limit to complete the whole thing.

The timer hardly ever stops either, making it a tough challenge to beat if you don’t know what you’re doing. The game itself is hard enough, but getting only 60 minutes to beat it adds a layer of anxiety to the whole experience. Unfortunately, you cannot go back in time in this game.

1 Dead Rising 2

While nearly every Dead Rising game uses its own timelines, Dead Rising 2 might just be the hardest to create. Each mission has a tight schedule, but most importantly, your Chuck’s daughter’s health continually shows up.

You not only need to fight against the hordes of undead and all the twisted people who managed to survive on their own, but you also need to locate plenty of Zombrex to save the day. Of course, you also have some time before the army finally arrives.

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