The worst video games of 2022


Thousands of video game titles are released every year. But like in any billion-dollar industry where competition is fierce and consumer expectations high, not every video game can achieve critical and commercial success. Wondering what were the biggest gambling flops of 2022? Below are the worst video games of this year, according to cryptocurrency casino review site Crypto Casinos.

Top 5 Worst Video Games of 2022 Across All Platforms

To uncover this year’s worst games, Crypto Casinos analyzed each title’s performance by looking at its number of social media posts, online positive and negative sentiment data from consumer insights platform Linkfluence and Google search volume around the month of its release. This data was then indexed to determine which game had the worst month online. The search results revealed that the following titles are the 5 worst video games of 2022 on all platforms:

#1 Martha is dead

Developed by Italian studio LKA and published by Wired Productions for various consoles, Martha is dead is a psychological horror game presented in a first-person perspective. In Crypto Casinos research, it scored an overall rating of just 0.2871, making it the biggest gambling flop of 2022. Despite being released in February, Martha is dead has only been mentioned in around 33,000 social media posts so far this year, of which 31.30% are viewed as negative.

Set at the end of World War II in a fictional Tuscan town within German-occupied Italy, the game follows twin sisters Martha and Giulia as they spend their childhood at their nanny’s estate. Martha has been deaf since infancy, and their mother, Irene, blames Giulia for applying blunt force to her sister while she was in the womb. Part of some of the game’s negative reviews surfaced after it was censored for release on PlayStation consoles. Changes include removing interactivity from some graphic scenes and removing references to masturbation.

#2 Recipe for disaster

The second on the list of worst games of 2022 is recipe for disaster, a management game that challenges players to create and run a highly successful restaurant. Originally released in November 2021, the game only got an index of 0.3215. Although there have been over 234,000 social posts about it since its launch, 27% of them are negative.

Developed by Dapper Penguin Studios, recipe for disaster lets players turn failing establishments around in pre-set scenarios or bring their own vision to life in free-play mode, where they’ll design restaurants, hire and manage staff, customize food menus and create new dishes tasty to impress customers. While that sounds interesting, reviewers found the game unoriginal, with many saying it offered absolutely nothing that hadn’t been seen in management games before.

#3 Monark

With an index of 0.3462, monark secures third place in the ranking of the worst video games of 2022. Released in North America in February, the Japanese role-playing game developed by Lancarse has more than 337,000 posts on social networks since its launch, but 36.7% of them are negative feelings.

The game takes place inside Shin Mikado Academy, a high school isolated from the outside world by a barrier and shrouded in a mysterious mist that drives the students crazy. The player is part of a group of students who have gained the ability to enter another world, where the mist-enhancing demons must be defeated.

Whereas monark is lauded for its creepy aesthetics, replay value, and high-risk, high-reward combat systems, many players aren’t thrilled with its lackluster graphics and repetitive environments and enemies.

#4 eFootball 2022

The fourth place in the list of worst Crypto Casino games this year is eFootball 2022. With an index of just 0.5848, the football simulation video game has had over 255,000 social posts since its initial release in September 2021, but 37.5% of them are negative comments.

Developed and published by Konami, eFootball 2022 was panned by reviewers and gamers who complained about the game’s terrible graphics, lack of content, slow engine, and finicky controls. With 92% negative reviews, it has become the lowest rated game on Steam one day after launch and the lowest rated game of 2021 on Metacritic. Konami has apologized for the game’s numerous glitches and rolled out a major update last April on PC and consoles to fix the initial issues.

#5 DNF Dueling

Completing the top 5 worst video games of 2022 is DNF Dueling. With an index of just 0.6569, the fighting video game ended up as the fifth biggest game flop of the year. Co-developed by Arc System Works, Eighting and Neople and published by Nexon, the game has gained over 219,000 social media posts since it became available in June 2022. However, 23% of those online posts are of a nature negative.

While critics adore its engaging roster of fighters, comprehensive workout menus, outstanding online gameplay, and stunning visuals and soundtrack, DNF Duel was criticized for its single-player mode which doesn’t offer much fun.

For the biggest flops of 2022 by platform, check out the charts below:

The worst video games of 2022 – PlayStation

Rank Video game Index score
1 Martha is dead 0.2806
2 monark 0.3566
3 eFootball 2022 0.6303
4 DNF Dueling 0.6756
5 Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel 0.7135

The worst video games of 2022 – Xbox

Rank Video game Index score
1 Martha is dead 0.2921
2 Evil Dead: The Game 0.7900
3 Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel 0.8146
4 Microsoft Flight Simulator: Top Gun Maverick DLC 0.9437
5 eFootball 2022 0.9467

The worst video games of 2022 – Switch

Rank Video game Index score
1 monark 0.537
2 Hindsight 0.685
3 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes 0.781
4 Don’t starve together 0.891
5 Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel 0.892

The worst video games of 2022 – PC

Rank Video game Index score
1 Martha is dead 0.2889
2 Recipe for disaster 0.3249
3 monark 0.3458
4 eFootball 2022 0.5844
5 DNF Dueling 0.6624

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