This website collects all the free games of the month for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Epic Games Store, Stadia and Prime Gaming

David Maillo, web and game developer, wondered one day if there was a platform, website or place where a list of free games of the month is provided. If it did not exist, it announced in his tweetI was going to create one. And he created it:

As he explains on the site itself, he’s a PlayStation Plus and Epic Games Store user, but at the pace of the day he can’t always pay attention to the games these platforms offer. “I almost never know what they are and I miss the opportunity to add them to my library”recognize.

The web checks the pages of each platform daily to find free games


The free games of the month from different platforms on one site

From his need was born this project which simply collects and lists all games free to download from PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Epic Games Store, Stadia and Amazon Prime Gaming. A pass for those who don’t want to miss them either.

The Web lets you search for video games by name and filter by platform to view these titles which we can obtain free of charge. If we click on the covers, it usually takes us to the games’ official pages, where we can find the link to the desired platform.

On this website you can see all the games available on Xbox Game Pass, and much more

Everything works thanks to a Maillo development which check the official pages of each platform daily for free games and list them by updating the web. The project has just been born, it is barely a day old. By the way, this developer also collaborated with this open source website that showed the status of the vaccination process in Spain.

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Carolyn M. Daniel