Top 10 Most Played Online Games in the World (Updated 2022)


Players choose whether it’s a decent game or just to breathe easy. The most deranged of all time are probably among the most famous internet towers of 2022. The recap changes over time as players play and quit games frequently. Discover the Top 10 most played online games in the world.

Rank Game active player Developer Released in
1 PUBG 100 million+ PUBG Corporation 2018
2 Minecraft 95 million+ Mojang Studios 2011
3 Apex Legends 50 millions Spawn Entertainment 2019
4 Fortnite Battle Royale 45 million epic games 2017
5 CS: Global Offensive 35 million Valve company 2012
6 Foyer 30 million Blizzard Entertainment 2012
seven League of Legends 27 million Riot Games 2009
8 Call of Duty Mobile 15 million Timi Studios 2019
9 Among us 8000000 InnerSloth LLC 2018
ten Call of Duty Warzone 6 million Activision 2020

1. PUBG | The best web game of all time

  • Created by: PUBG Organization
  • Compact: XBOX, iOS, PC, Android
  • Online Gamers: Over 100 million web gamers
  • Year of submission: 2018
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It is undoubtedly the most famous web game in 2022. PUBG has taken the web by fire and as the days go by it has more players than expected. PUBG is really based on boosting and H1Z1. Up to 99 players can enjoy this game at a time.

This game is very famous for its design and the real circumstances where the guide and missions are shared with other enemies hidden in the brambles. Players dominate the match provided they can withstand what is happening and kill each of the stealthy opponents.

2.Minecraft | The best game on the web

  • Created by: Mojang Studios
  • Compact: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems
  • Online gamers: 95 million web gamers
  • Year of publication: 2011

This game was well known with every game that approached. This game has multiple modes and with this the customers have to manage and create their lands and have all the power to grab creature structures, individuals and food.

It’s a 3D sandbox game with relatively few restrictions and lets customers do whatever they want. Its multiple modes have Endurance Mode, Experience Mode, Innovative Mode and Spectator Mode.

3. Apex Legends | best online game

  • Created by: Respawn Diversion
  • Convenient: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and XBOX
  • Online gamers: 50 million online gamers in one month
  • Year of submission: 2019
wallpaper 3 uhd
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This game has been in the news since its release. For people who don’t play PUBG and Fortnite but love warzone games, this is the right game for them. In the game, there are six groups of players with three players in a crew who crossed the island to fight with different perks and weapons against different crews at a given time.

The crew that left with the most cooperative people is up for grabs. Guidance games and ping match arrangement of this game should be used from now on. Moreover, this game has currently secured its place among the best superhuman-themed PC games of 2022.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale | The best PC game online

  • Created by: Legendary Games
  • Convenient: XBOX, iOS, PC, Android
  • Online gamers: 45 million online gamers
  • Year of submission: 2017
Credit: – Epic Game

This game was there for gamers at the end of 2017, but in 2018 it was all the rage. She also drives the numbers and the emotional impact with that, but ubiquity isn’t as much of a consideration because she was just in the kid zone. , while PUBG embraced both sexual orientations.

This game has more highlights, gear, and game stages with a much more notable player count, in addition to record-breaking ubiquity.

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5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | The best multiplayer web game

  • Created by: Valve Organization
  • Convenient: XBOX 360, X operating system, Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3 and Linux
  • Online gamers: 35 million online gamers
  • Year of publication: 2012
5 years
Credit:- Youtube

The game is about psychological oppressors and attacks on fearmongers. Where players must diffuse and plant bombs, complete missions, secure areas, and kill the Psychological Oppressor and Prisoner Gate Guardian shown in the guide. It is a multiplayer shooting game.

Killing opponents and achieving objectives rewarded with more money and prizes. After a while, networks and systems liked this game.

6. Hearthstone | The best online game

  • Created By: Blizzard Hijack
  • Convenient: XBOX, iOS, PC, Android
  • Online gamers: 30 million online gamers
  • Year of publication: 2012
Credit:- Youtube

HearthStone was a small venture from Snowstorm Diversion for trial purposes, but it took a beating and was now being played in a new event. This game is about collecting decks of cards from different houses and different powers. Each of the cards is used to reduce the opponent’s health and health in order to dominate the match.

This free game was first released as Legends of Warcraft as it is related to many characters from the current WoW series. Developing the Solidarity engine, the game won an English Foundation Games Grant in the multiplayer class.

7. League of Legends | The best game to play on the web

  • Created by: Mob Games
  • Convenient: XBOX, iOS, PC, Android
  • Online gamers: 27 million online gamers
  • Year of publication: 2009
7 league of legends
Credit: – League of Legends

Playing this game has a long energy for the player, but it is an evergreen game. Players have full control over choosing their heroes, who can take on different bosses later in the game.

It has a dazzling mode and great artwork with lots of energy in every level and playthrough. It is a multiplayer action RPG game.

8. Call of Duty | One of the most famous web games of 2022

  • Created by: TiMi Studios
  • Practice: Android
  • Online players: around 15 million
  • Year of submission: 2019
Credit: – Sensor Tower

If you are looking for a really addictive playable web game, you should try the handheld variant of the famous Mission Important. This first-person shooter is created by TiMi Studios in collaboration with Activision. Moreover, it has caused a sensation in the gaming sector since its basic delivery.

Currently, this game has more than 15 million vibrant lunar individuals all over the planet. In the year since its initial delivery in October 2019, the game has reached around 270 million dynamic downloads. Additionally, the game generated around $480 million in total during that time.

9. Among Us | Truly among the best web games

  • Created by: InnerSloth LLC
  • PlayEveryWare Versatile: Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 5
  • Online players: 8 million Year submitted: 2018
9 among us
Credit: – Among Us

These days, it’s easy to get the best internet games for nothing. All you want is to download this amazing game called Among Us. Released in 2018, this game brought scans of local game area. Innersloth, perhaps one of America’s finest game designers, planned this multiplayer game.

In its very first year, it won The Game Honor for Best Multiplayer Game. It first shipped on iOS and Android platforms. However, after seeing its rising fame, the engineers also sent it to various game consoles and online scenes.

10. Call of Duty Warzone | Possibly one of the most recommended internet games

  • Created by: ActivisionVersatile: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows
  • Online players: 6 million
  • Year of submission: 2020
Credit: – Activision Games

It’s hard to experience some of the best online games without downloading and additional progress before playing them. In any case, Pres

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