Top 20 Free Games on the Epic Games Store in June 2022

Epic Games is no stranger to launching free games for its game store for a limited time. Although some games are completely free, some of these games are actually premium and are only available for free for a limited time.

As of press time, one of the more notable games that was expensive but free for a limited time is “Wolfenstein: The New Order,” along with other popular titles. The Epic Games Store is also still on its MEGA sale, which offers huge discounts of up to 25% for games or products priced above $14.99.

Here are the top 20 free games on the Epic Games Store in June 2022:

  1. ‘NASA XOSS MarsXR Edition’

  2. “Armoured War”

  3. “Space Punks”

  4. ‘Finball FX’

  5. ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude’

  6. ‘Century: Age of Ashes’

  7. ‘Valorant’

  8. “Teamfight Tactics”

  9. “Legends of Runeterra”

  10. ‘League of Legends’

  11. ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ – reduced to free

  12. ‘war face’

  13. Genshin Impact

  14. ‘Warframe’

  15. ‘Never winter’

  16. “Rocket League”

  17. ‘Crayta’

  18. “World of Warships”

  19. ‘Primordials: Battle of the Gods’

  20. ‘Knockout City’

It is important to note that sometimes games change their prices from free to premium, and this can happen at any time. The same can also be said for games that charge a premium and then decide to go free.

Other games, however, have a more unique way of earning money. Games like “Genshin Impact,” incentivize players to spend in-game so they unlock more powerful weapons or characters, as detailed by Forbes.

What is the difference between ‘Genshin Impact’ and ‘Fortnite’?

Unlike other games, what makes players more likely to spend in “Genshin Impact” is the fact that they can only buy chances to get those rare five-star characters or weapons and not the weapons. themselves.

This is very different from other games like “Fortnite” where players can purchase the Battle Pass, such as the current Season 3 BP as detailed on Game Spot, in order to be guaranteed an item or character to each new season. However, when it comes to making money on video games, “Genshin Impact” has a way of making players spend more in order to have more chances of winning.

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Free games on the Epic Games Store

The good thing about “Genshin Impact” or “Fortnite” is that players can still enjoy the game and don’t have to pay. This, however, may provide them with a very limited experience, unlike when they choose to pay for in-game perks.

There are plenty of free games on the Epic Games Store, some of them allowing in-game purchases while others can be completely fun to play without having to spend a bounty.

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