two big names work together to take them down


Ubisoft and Riot Games announced the Zero Harm in Comms research project, a technology collaboration aimed at improving the coverage offered by the artificial intelligence-based solutions that the two companies use, with the aim of preventing toxic interactions between players. . In the words of the two companies, this research initiative aims to create a shared, cross-industry ID database and ecosystem to collect gaming data through which to train AI-based preventative moderation tools to detect and reduce negative behavior.

“Adverse player behavior is an issue that we take very seriously but is very difficult to solve. At Ubisoft, we are working to develop concrete measures that ensure safe and positive experiences, but we believe that by acting together in as an industry, we can solve this problem more effectively,” said Yves Jacquier, Executive Director of Ubisoft La Forge. “Through this technology collaboration with Riot Games, we want to understand how we can more effectively prevent toxicity in games, as developers of these environments who have direct contact with our communities.”

Thanks to the competitive games of Riot Games and the diversified offer of Ubisoft, the database that will be created should cover all types of players and in-game behavior, in order to better train the AI ​​systems of both companies. “Negative behavior isn’t just a problem for video games – every company that has an online social platform is working to regulate this complex environment. That’s why we plan to work with industry partners like Ubisoft who believe in building safe communities and fostering positive experiences in virtual spaces,” said Wesley Kerr, Director of Technology Research at Riot Games. “This project is just one example of the commitment more we’ve taken and the work we’re doing at Riot to develop systems to create positive, safe and inclusive interactions in our games.”

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Carolyn M. Daniel