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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 – The star trek Daytime announcements continue this week, and lest you, the players, feel aggrieved, star trek online and Star Trek Timeline have your back.

Wicked Realm Games and Tilting Point announced in a press release the ongoing month-long celebrations of their RPG, Star Trek Timelinefeaturing freebies, sales, in-game events and more.

To honor the enduring legacy of diversity, inclusion and hope in star trek, Star Trek Timeline is offering players until September 30 features such as a free 5-star crew gift in honor of Nichelle Nichols, a Star Trek Originals “Pathfinder Uhura” and a month-long event to win more copies; five free crew slots and a free fleet leader combat currency and energy pack for all players; a new addition to the hall of honor, Valeo Beta V Hemmer; and a long-awaited honor sale.

Additionally, Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios also announced in a press release for star trek Update the details for Star Trek: Ascensionthe next chapter of star trek onlineMirror Universe story arc. As you could see last week, a new trailer revealed Mirror Wesley Crusher as the Earth Emperor, voiced by Wil Wheaton. In the new episode, “Eye of the Storm”, things have escalated in the Mirror Universe, as the Terran Emperor tries to control the other, the Mirror version of V’ger. In order to stop the Terran Emperor from threatening both the Prime and Mirror Universes, the Federation will have to keep him from controlling the Other, while fighting his forces led by the fearsome Captain Killy, voiced by Mary Wiseman. Players team up with Admiral Leeta, voiced by Chase Masterson.

Star Trek Online: Ascension also introduces new content for players to experience, including a new 5-player grounded TFO “Storm Chasers” and the new Elite Officer Upgrade System which allows players to upgrade Bridge Officers. Captains can also participate in the latest event, “The Will of the Emperor”, to earn a new reward, the T6 ship Terran Somerville.

Ascent out today on PC at star trek onlineand will be released for consoles at a later date.

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Carolyn M. Daniel