Ubisoft Plus lets players enjoy over 100 free games for a month


Over the past decade, Ubisoft has released many games. There are so many games available to play that it’s no surprise you skipped one. Assassin’s Creed here or a Far cry the. Fortunately, the company had a nice surprise during its recent Ubisoft Forward 2022 showcase. Ubisoft Plus is currently free until October 10. If you’ve got a few Ubisoft games filling your backlog, now’s a great time to cross off a few.

Once on the page, you will notice that there are two free versions of Ubisoft Plus to choose from. The first is the standard version which gives you access to the full library of Ubisoft Plus titles and DLC on PC. The other option is the multi-access plan, which lets you use Stadia to stream a selection of titles. But, since both plans are free and offer the same value, you might as well opt for the multi-access plan. Remember that you will have to cancel the subscription before the end of the month if you do not want to continue paying for the package.

Over 100 Ubisoft games to choose from for free

Ubisoft Plus is a fantastic service for those who want to catch up on some of the developer’s biggest releases. And with new releases launching on day one of the service, it’s one of the best ways to try out new games from Ubisoft. Classic titles like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Where Prince of Persia: The Sands of Timeto newer games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and far cry 6, this free month for Ubisoft Plus is a great excuse to dive into genres you might not be a big fan of. The Annon the series is great for those unfamiliar with RTS games, and Legends of Rayman is a classic platform game.

You have an entire month to dip your toes into a ton of different game types, so make it count. It’s also the perfect opportunity to go back and play any DLC you might have missed in your favorite games. Be sure to act quickly, though. The free month of Ubisoft Plus will end on October 10.

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Carolyn M. Daniel