Xbox Free Games With Gold For June 2022 Should Be Exciting For Fans Of A Certain Genre

Xbox may not win on the first-party exclusive front, but it absolutely kills it with its services. Xbox Game Pass is widely regarded as the best gaming deal right now, with over 100 titles available for one more-than-reasonable price, and first-party exclusives heading into day one of service at no extra cost. With Game Pass in the limelight, it’s easy to forget the service that started it all, Xbox games with gold.


For nearly 10 years, Xbox Games with Gold has offered subscribers at least two free games every month. For a while now, Games with Gold has been giving out four games a month, some of which have been real heavy hitters. This month, subscribers will get access to four free games, two of which will appeal to fans of one genre, while the other two will appeal to fans of another.

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June gold games are perfect for City Simulator fans

Two of June’s Games with Gold are the perfect addition to any simulator fan’s library. Aven Colony and Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition both offer city-building and simulation gameplay, but each has its own distinct set of game mechanics, as well as its own art style and presentation.

Developed by Mothership Entertainment, Aven Colony is the first simulation city builder heading to Games with Gold this month, available to download until June 30. The general premise of the game is very simple, tasking the player with creating a new human colony on an alien planet named Aven Prime.

The game of Aven Colony is also fairly basic, featuring all of the city-building elements that fans have come to expect from the genre. Players will monitor and gather resources, manage their population, and construct new buildings which in turn will attract more citizens to live in the settlement. As players progress, so does the colony technology, advancing tents and marching towards skyscrapers and hovering cars.

The real draw of Aven Colony is its Sci-Fi setting and how it incorporates that setting into its gameplay and presentation. As the game progresses, players will have to fend off various alien threats, from huge tentacle monsters to poisonous spores. They will also have to defend against a variety of environmental hazards, ranging from storms to poisonous gases. Aven ColonyThe sci-fi aesthetic and atmosphere of is exponentially enhanced by the game’s vivid backgrounds that showcase the planet surrounding the colony, giving the game a grand scale.

Swap sci-fi setting for beloved downtown industrial setting SimTower successor Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition (available from June 16 to July 15) tasks the player with building a world-famous skyscraper. Using a 2D cross-sectional perspective, players will start the game by building their skyscraper from scratch and add to it floor by floor once they gather enough resources. As the tower grows, players can decide what type of block goes there, from residential areas and office buildings to restaurants and bars.

However high-rise projectThe general game objective of is the same as Aven ColonyThe two are a little different from each other. Whereas Aven ColonyThe Sci-Fi setting of is enhanced by its vivid visuals, high-rise projectThe industrial tone of is immediately defined by its simplistic pixel art and muted color palette. Fans of city-builders and simulation games should definitely pick up these two Games with Gold titles.

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Other June games with gold deals are great for platformers

While city-builder and sim fans have been taken care of with Aven Colony and high-rise project, fans of 2D side-scrolling platformers are also treated to this month. Available now through June 15, the critically acclaimed film Super meat boy is free for those who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. For those who haven’t played the indie darling of 2010 yet, Super meat boy is an incredibly difficult and fast-paced side-scroller that requires incredibly precise platforming.

Released in 2010, Super meat boy was one of the titles included in the first real independent boom, alongside LIMBO and Fez. The cartoon aesthetic and grotesque character models of Super meat boy helped set it apart from other platformers of the time, and its highly skilled and addictive gameplay allowed it to stand the test of time in just about every way. By all accounts, Super meat boy is still one of the best indie games ever made, and perhaps one of the most influential 2D side-scrollers of all time. Those who have never played this game before should definitely play it, especially if they are fans of intense platforming.

Another must-have for platform fans is Xbox’s latest Games with Gold offer this month. Another indie classic from 2010, Rascranes will be available for download from June 16 to June 30. In a rather unique gesture, especially for the time, Rascranes mixes 2D platforming gameplay with puzzle mechanics, tasking players with smashing blocks in the correct order to create the fastest route through a stage.

Where Super meat boy is a strictly solo experience, Rascranes encourages up to four players to race against each other, competing to earn a faster time. Rascranes also offers a pretty decent variety of gameplay, with ten game modes available from the start, ranging from a bomb defuse mode to a deathmatch mode. There are also plenty of little gameplay quirks to keep Rascranes fun for more than a few rounds, like the Frenzy mechanic, which gives players super speed once a certain item has been consumed, and a host of defensive and offensive pickups that can drastically change the outcome of a match .

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