Xbox Free Games with Gold for October 2022 Revealed


Xbox unveils Games with Gold free games for October 2022, which consist of two titles to be enjoyed on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has officially unveiled Xbox Free Games with Gold Games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can claim for the month of October 2022. Microsoft recently made some drastic changes to its Xbox Live Free Games with Gold program. For nearly a decade, Microsoft has offered Xbox Live Gold subscribers two free Xbox 360 games and two free Xbox One games every month, but the September 2022 free games marked the last time 360 ​​will be part of the program.

The last free Games with Gold Xbox 360 game was Portal 2Valve’s critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game. Portal 2 was a great way to send Xbox 360 free games with a bang, but now Xbox Live Gold subscribers will only get two free games a month instead of the four they’ve been getting for years.


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The first two games to launch this new era for the Xbox Live Free Games with Gold program are Windbound and Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition. Even though there are only two free Games with Gold games left, their releases are still staggered throughout the month. This means Xbox Live Gold subscribers have October 1 through October 31 to claim. Windboundwhile Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition will be up for grabs from October 16 to November 15.

List of free Xbox games with Gold Games for October 2022

  • Windbound (October 1 – October 31)
  • Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition (October 16 – November 15)

Windbound is interesting because it has a native Xbox Series X version. Windbound received mixed reviews when it launched in 2020, but it has an interesting premise and may still be worth checking out. In Windbound, players take on the role of Kara, who is shipwrecked. It’s a survival game at heart, though it encourages more exploration than many other games in its genre. Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, is a WWII-themed strategy game with a cartoonish art style. It received more positive critical reception than Windboundso fans of strategy games might want to check it out on October 16th.

In the meantime, Xbox Live Gold subscribers still have time to claim some of the free Xbox games with Gold games for September 2022. Portal 2 and The gods will fall two of the free Games with Gold games remain until September 30, while Double Kick Hero is up for grabs until October 15.

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