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Video games are risky, expensive and a great deal

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Playing video games is an exercise in cognitive dissonance. It’s a successful business where you can never know how consumers will react. And yet, you have to invest tens (sometimes hundreds) of millions of dollars just to have any chance of success. Despite these risks and expenses, however, many companies are learning that it is riskier to exit the gaming business. It’s a lesson Konami and Disney have learned the hard way throughout the ongoing pandemic. And this is leading these companies to plunge back into the gaming market.

After spending years experimenting with its annual football franchise and mobile games, Konami is returning to the console space. The publisher plans to bring back Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania. Likewise, Disney is in talks to partner with developers and publishers for a number of games based on its properties. In particular, Lucasfilm has several public and unannounced Star Wars projects in negotiations. But we’re even seeing Disney playing well with Nintendo to bring Sora, the star of the Square Enix-Disney Kingdom Hearts co-production, into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This strong tendency to return to games for Konami and Disney can easily be explained by looking at their other activities. Konami produces slot machines and arcade machines. It also operates casinos and health clubs. Disney owns theme parks and produces movies. Both Disney and Konami have seen how vulnerable these markets are to something like a pandemic. And when they looked for something tougher to invest in, they each saw video games as a clear opportunity.

Konami could have been Capcom

Konami began to withdraw from console-style games around 2014. By the time Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima left, it was obvious the publisher was not emphasizing games like Silent Hill. But while making big-budget blockbusters is a costly and risky preposition, Konami’s decision to prioritize mobile still looks like a strategic mistake. This is especially true compared to Capcom, which is the publisher of similar blockbusters like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

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While Konami focused on mobile games and its entertainment businesses excluding console games, Capcom expanded into mobile while focusing and reinvesting in its most successful console projects. This has led Capcom to a steady pace of Resident Evil and Monster Hunter releases. These franchises are proven sellers, so this is where Capcom placed its bets. And gamers have rewarded Capcom for its efforts.

Monster Hunter and Resident Evil have grown as the gaming industry has grown. And Capcom just released its highest ever first quarter results with nearly half a million dollars in revenue.

Capcom’s properties are not special. He just continued to show interest in games where Konami didn’t. And it’s hard to argue that Konami couldn’t have replicated Capcom’s success with Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

So now Konami and Disney will try to make up for lost time. And that’s because as difficult as it is to make games, it’s silly to avoid a market where consumers are so emotionally invested and also so willing to spend a huge percentage of their budget on entertainment.


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Free PS Plus October 2021 Games Available for Purchase Now


The free PlayStation Plus games for October 2021 are now available for purchase. Players can enter the new Hell let loose for PlayStation 5, as well as PGA 2K21 Tour and Mortal Kombat X for PS4. These October 2021 PS Plus free games replace the three September 2021 free titles that just left PS Plus.

Hell let loose is a brand new game, launched with PS Plus. It includes two game modes, Warfare and Offensive, taking place over a total of ten maps located on the Western Front and can support two teams of 50 players each. Each map will have up to 99 capture point variations, the different combinations of which potentially offer thousands of different battles. More maps of the Eastern Front will be added as part of a free update after launch later this year. Hell let loose returns to Sony’s promise to release Day One titles on the service, after a “new” game was missing in September.

PGA 2K21 Tour was the first golf game created after HB Studios entered into a publishing deal with 2K Games, replacing the developer Golf franchise. The game features 15 licensed PGA Tour courses and 11 Tour Professionals, including cover star Justin Thomas. There is also extensive player customization so anyone can become a FedExCup Champion while earning gear and clothing from many licensed brands. Create your own clubhouse and design your own seasons and tournaments which can also be played with others online.

And finally, Mortal Kombat X is a somewhat disappointing entry for PS5 gamers who already have access to the game through the PS Plus collection. It is newly available for those who have not yet upgraded to the new console.

All three games will be available until November 2, when the new PS Plus games for September 2021 go live.

Players do not have to download titles immediately. You can use the free games while they’re free this month, then download and play them anytime as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber. Even if you don’t have a PS5 console, you can trade in the PS5 games on PlayStation Store online now to have a library of PS5 games once you buy one.

Expect the free PlayStation Plus games for November 2021 to be announced on October 27, the week before they go live on November 2.

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These 15 Hollywood stars have also shone in video games: we take their performances into account

From Norman Reedus and Keanu Reeves in Demise Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077, to Jack Black himself.

The movie and television stars are more and more delivered during the exchange, leaving us a few interpretations memorized for years through the players. Despite the fact that the spawning procedure is sometimes different from your unusual tasks, new advancements have allowed us to increasingly revel in your paintings in video games.

In probably the most usual cases, the actor or actress lends his voice to present lifestyles to a number of characters. Then again, the era of recent times allows us to take it one step further, now extracting not the individual’s voice, but also their face or even their entire frame, to reflect facial expressions and frames.

With all this in mind, from 3DJuegos we would have liked to wear in wetsuits 15 actors and actresses who have played beautiful roles in video games, regardless of whether we speak most effectively with one voice, or whether or not the nature in question had a number one function.

Norman Reedus (Death Stranding)

Norman Reedus (Demise Stranding) After surprising us at the end of the PT demo, the The Strolling Useless actor received a 2d probability at Demise Stranding. The friendship between Reedus and Kojima has grown so much, and it’s imaginable that we could see the actor by another name.

Mads Mikkelsen (Death Stranding)

Mads Mikkelsen (Demise Stranding) Like Norman Reedus, Mikkelsen has already been approached via Hideo Kojima for an important function in his first company since leaving Konami. In the game he is the captain of certain forces, on the small screen he was once Hannibal Lecter.

Elliot Page (Beyond: Two Souls)

Elliot’s webpage (past: Two Souls) Past: Two Souls was once another online game with good actors, like Elliot’s webpage. She plays Jodie, a woman linked to a supernatural entity that almost pushes her to devote herself to homicide. Juno and Inception are part of his filmography.

Willem Dafoe (Beyond: Two Souls)

Willem Dafoe (past: Two souls) Like Dr. Nathan Dawkins, Willem Dafoe was once the person who looked after the nature of the Elliot Page in the Quantic Dream name. The actor has been involved in new initiatives like 12 Minutes and Over 140 Movies, like Spider-Guy.

Keanu Reeves (Cyberpunk 2077)

Keanu Reeves (Cyberpunk 2077) Quite possibly the preferred interpretation of the moment, Keanu Reeves appears in Cyberpunk 2077 as Johnny Silverhand, a particularly prominent personality throughout the story, being part of a very powerful choice for the protagonist.

Giancarlo Esposito (Far Cry 6)

Giancarlo Esposito (Some distance Cry 6) We go straight to the last feature shown, where we can see Giancarlo Esposito playing Anton Castillo, the antagonist of Some distance Cry 6. Esposito rose to fame by participating in the villainous Gus Fring in Breaking Unhealthy.

Arden Cho (Tomb Raider)

Arden Cho (Tomb Raider) Cho plays Samantha, Lara Croft’s best possible friend during the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. Upon reaching a mysterious island, Samantha is kidnapped by an excessively unhealthy cult, and he or she performs an important function in the tale.

Jack Black (Brütal Legend)

Jack Black (Brütal Legend) This actor had his biggest role in video games with Brütal Legend, a name that came here from the thought of Tim Schafer. Along with Black, the sport featured various rock artists such as Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne.

Rami Malek (until dawn)

Rami Malek (until dawn) Playing Josh, Rami Malek performed very well on Till Daybreak, but he’s also already won an Oscar. After dropping off his sister, Josh invites all of his friends to his cabin on Blackwood Mountain, where chaos erupts.

Terry Crews (Crackdown 3)

Terry Crews (Crackdown 3) Terry Crews was once the main character in the promotional theme for Crackdown 3. Even though the game was once left in the hands of the actor, the actor made the game available to everyone. It is identified for Brooklyn 9-9 and an anti-perspirant logo.

Michael K. Williams (Battlefield 4, NBA 2K21)

Michel agrees. Williams (Battlefield 4, NBA 2K21) Michel agrees. Williams had a large proportion in the online gaming business. In addition to taking part in Irish in Battlefield, the actor of the collection The Twine has already been found in NBA 2K21 and in the movie Murderer’s Creed.

Kit Harington (Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare)

Harington Package (Responsibility Name: Infinity Conflict) Like Esposito, the famous Sport of Thrones actor plays a villain in Name of Accountability: Infinity Conflict. Evil from head to toe, this antagonist seeks to dominate the entire solar machine with the help of his military.

Kristen Bell (The Assassin's Creed)

Kristen Bell (The Murderer’s Creed) For those who have played this Ubisoft saga, you have unmistakably identified Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman, an investigator born into an order of assassins. Lucy uses a tool that allows the individual to relive the memories of their ancestors.

Elijah Wood (The Legend of Spyro)

Elijah Wooden (The Legend of Spyro) Prior to the new remastered trilogy, Spyro made a comeback with all 3 titles of The Legend of Spyro, and Elijah Wooden was once the person who lent his voice to bring the red dragon to the lifestyles. He went from a hobbit to a dragon, now not unhealthy!

Seth Green (Mass Effect)

Inexperienced Seth (Mass Impact) This actor lent his voice to the very pilot superstar of the Mass Impact trilogy. Joker might skip the fight movement due to his inability, but he’s still the length of the party in the send.

The industry of video game actors and actresses continues to grow. Norman Reedus will paint with Hideo Kojima on long-term initiatives, while the Some Distance Cry 6 clothier believes the paintings of these celebrities deserve an Oscar, just like the movies.

Extra about: Actor, voice actors, Hollywood and video games.

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Bearseum’s mix of NFT art and video games

The crypto and NFT bull markets are raging as this is written. The bulls are clapping and the bears are in hibernation for the moment. And why not? There are plenty of reasons to smile right now, especially for NFT or crypto investors who invested before the current bull run. But as any stock or crypto bulls know, bears can come out of hibernation at any time, often when they are least expected. This is one thing that makes bears so dangerous.

While this is an accurate and adventurous description of the markets, it is also a metaphor for a fantastic Ethereum-based NFT project.

The NFT markets continue to be hot. Over the past seven days, sales in nine of the top 10 markets increased during the previous week. Trade on Rarible is up 124% to over $ 8 million in sales, and Atomic Market on the WAX ​​blockchain is up 298% to over $ 7 million. OpenSea, the largest blockchain marketplace, increased 30% to $ 758 million in sales compared to the previous week.

Join us for a glimpse into the world of Bearseum, a combined NFT art and video game ecosystem that seeks to add to the momentum of the already popular Bullseum.

Bullseum is a hot new NFT project that features 5,000 individually created artistic bulls as part of a fantastic universe. This universe is the 33rd century, and Taureans are an ancient and wise species. They are attacked from the outside and decompose from the inside. Their elders met and decided that their most valuable art collection, held in a museum called the Bullseum, should be scattered around the Earth, sold to trusted hands. In our world, the Bullseum collection has seen its bottom hit 0.23 ETH with over 797 ETH traded.


The Bullseum Project has hinted at Bearseum in recent weeks on their official website. Images showing the vandalized bull museum with the words “We’re better than the bull” and “#Bears Gonna Win” spray painted on the walls, while a prominent bull statue is spray painted with the word ” Bear ”.

The next stage of the ecosystem is coming soon. In the next phase of deployment, a new collection will launch on October 18 at 9 p.m. UTC.

Some of the specifications include:

Price when new: 0.08 ETH

Maximum currency per transaction: 25

Public sale supply: Approximately 3,500

Total supply: 5000

Bearseum is a collection of art randomly generated as you type with over 120 different hand-drawn strokes. This is the secondary art collection from the original “Bullseum” project. As with the original collection, the Bearseum team promoted their pride in designing various features, making each character unique.

Both collections bring characters from the next up-and-coming video game “Runseum” to life.

Play to win

The gaming industry shows another optimistic view, looking at the future of the project from a different perspective. The gaming industry has torn apart over the past few years and blockchain gaming has started to take off recently. The introduction of NFTs as players, skins, and other items added another dynamic of value to the system. The same is true of the concept of the “Play-to-Earn” format in games.

Play-to-earn is a game format designed for successful players to have fun, but to win money. This format has seen tremendous growth in the blockchain gaming industry, where players can earn cryptocurrency or play with NFTs that rise in value, become more successful, or become more popular. Recent viral blockchain games that have thrived with this model include Axie Infinity and Splinterlands.

In addition to the artistic merit of the NFT Bearseum, these Bears have an additional use case. They are limited player characters that can be used in video games. From an investor perspective, this can add value to the ecosystem and to NFTs themselves.

Where can I find Bearseum?

The Bearseum collection will launch on OpenSea, starting Monday, October 18 at 9 p.m. UTC.


To contact the team behind Bearseum and Bullseum, users can reach them at the following addresses on the web and social media:

Website | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Discord |OpenSea

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Our Bitcoin address: 3AbQrAyRsdM5NX5BQh8qWYePEpGjCYLCy4

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Save Your Coins With These Free Games On Your PC – Film Daily


With the advent of new consoles like the PlayStation 5 and in-game graphics rivaling the quality of the blockbuster CGI, it can be tempting to think that the newest and greatest video games are inherently the best. Still, with systems sometimes costing around the same amount as a month’s rent and games at $ 60 apiece, the newer gaming technology may not be affordable for most.

Fortunately, there are many high quality and entertaining games available for free on your PC. With games in a variety of styles and genres available to download or play in your browser, why not grab a few pennies and give them a try? Plus, some of them will make you nostalgic for playing games in the school computer lab while you have to do your homework.

First-person shooters

There are many free online games in this classic mode, offering a variety of styles and scenarios. Released in March of this year, Enlisted offers an experience similar to Battlefield franchise.

History buffs will love this game as you will have the chance to command a squadron of troops in some of the most iconic battles of WWII. Unlike other war games such as Call of Duty, if you are killed in action, you will then be taken over by another soldier in your unit.

If a futuristic aesthetic is more your vibe, look no further than Splitgate: Arena War. This tactical team shooting game is developed by some of the people who have worked on Halo 3, and the two games have a lot in common. The look of the players and the battlefields are even similar.

Or Splitgate differentiates itself through its collaborative possibilities, allowing players to use jet packs and portals to design victory plans.

Role games

Sometimes called in this context massively multiplayer online games, this genre allows players to inhabit a huge and continuous open world, often like fantastic beings. Some of the most famous and popular free games for PC are MMORPGs, such as RuneScape and World of warcraft.

If you want to play a newer RPG, go ahead and check it out Guild Wars 2. This game satisfies the fantasy elements common to many games of this type, with creatures like ogres and elaborate armor and swords.

However, Guild Wars 2 differentiates itself from other similar MMORPGs with an interactive story. Players are presented with quest choices that will change the trajectory of their game depending on what they decide to do.

There are also options for those who are interested in role-playing, but may not want all of the attributes of a fantasy realm. One of the best free PC games that fits this description is World of warships. Although this RPG is similar to Tank world, its gameplay is much more methodical. Instead of relying on berserk warfare, players from World of Warships can use their intellect to strategize on the best path to victory.


For gamers who want a more retro feel from their free PC games, platform games are a satisfying option. One of the most popular game genres for indie developers, there are countless fun worlds available for exploring with platforms.

A clear example of the nostalgia offered by platform games, You have to win the game will make you feel like you’ve traveled through time. This game includes the classic platforming tropes of dodging traps on a quest for hidden treasures. What really gives this game a throwback feel is the fact that gamers can choose to display the gameplay in four CGA colors.

Fans of the famous Super Mario the franchise will love Super mario xp, a tribute released in 2003. What’s even better is that this game also incorporates aspects of Castlevania. Players can play as Mario or Luigi and use boomerangs and hammers to knock back enemies and navigate through various levels. This free PC game is fun for all ages. Mum mia!

While we haven’t covered all of the types of games available for free on PC, it’s a good start for gamers looking to cut their budgets. The internet is full of entertaining and exciting games of all genres available for free. What’s your favorite game that’s free on PC? Let us know in the comments!

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October PS Plus Free Games Now Available


The latest bundle of free games for PS Plus subscribers is available now. The October 2021 lineup includes the PS5 game Hell Let Loose as well as a pair of PS4 games, PGA Tour 2K21. and Mortal Kombat X. All three games are available until November 1. PS4t titles are playable on PS5 via backward compatibility.

More free games are coming soon
More free games are coming soon

Hell let loose is a WWII multiplayer game featuring 50v50 matches that combine shooting elements with an RTS-inspired meta. There are 14 soldier classes to choose from and a variety of weapons, vehicles and equipment for use on the battlefield.

PGA 2K21 Tour is 2K Sports’ newest professional golf game, and here at GameSpot we enjoyed the game and scored the PGA Tour 2K21 an 8/10 and said it appeals to newcomers and veterans alike. The game features a number of licensed courses and professional golfers, and it’s the only new PGA Tour 2K game in quite some time, as 2K skips a new release in 2021.

Finally, NetherRealm Mortal Kombat X is a popular fighting game originally released in 2015. The game has been celebrated, among other things, for its excellent controls, history and visuals. Its sequel is 2019’s Mortal Kombat 11.

In other news, Microsoft’s first pair Xbox Games with Gold Freebies for October are live now.

Free PS Plus games for October 2021

Available from October 5 to November 1

  • Hell Unleashed (PS5)
  • PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)
  • Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

GameSpot may earn a commission on retail offers.

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5 free games like Genshin Impact


What is Genshin Impact and why is it so popular? There’s a reason this action role-playing game has taken the world by storm with its open world environment and combat system. It is monetized through game mechanics where players can purchase new characters, weapons, and other resources.

In the first four days, this open world game garnered over 17 million downloads and undoubtedly marked its territory in the gaming world. It was even one of the most tweeted hashtags in the Philippines during from the first half of last year – people in times of pandemic need quality gaming entertainment.

As a role-playing game, Closers is a refreshing change of game scenery as it is 3D side scrolling. Source: Noël Celis / AFP

In short, this game is free to play, but the developers have to make money somehow, so much like other games there are premium interactions like the ones listed above. What is the other option? There are tons of options for free games like Genshin Impact.

If you are looking for games like Genshin Impact with unique character designs and beautiful images, look no further than our list below:

Close door

As a role-playing game, Closers offers a refreshing change of game scenery as it is 3D side scrolling. What does it mean? This is when players control a character who moves from one side of the screen to the other. The plot of the game is for characters to fight against monsters of different sizes.

Blade and soul

Tried and tested since 2014, Blade and Soul is a constant crowd pleaser. It’s still so popular today and also free on our list of games like Genshin Impact.

What’s cool is that there is a wide selection of customizable character races. The plot here is an unnamed, mute central character who must stop an evil gang in an attempt to get revenge in the creepiest way possible.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

games like Genshin Impact

Take a break from your homework with these free games. Source: Greg Baker / AFP

A mobile game with a gacha system, it is one of the most respected and beloved industry favorites. Players can summon characters from other Final Fantasy titles and use them to form a team of five.


Next on our list of free games like Genshin Impact is Vindictus and has been around for over ten years. Surprisingly, he’s still going strong and is a pioneer of action fighting games with decent graphics. You arrive at choose from nine distinct characters and fight against monsters after monsters at different stages.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Finally, for free games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd. Essentially, this is a sci-fi, futuristic version of Genshin Impact and is even made by the same developers – miHoYo.

It has its own gacha system and a colorful array of characters you have to play for. The plot is a lot crazier with over-the-top anime action. Plus, the fast-paced and complex combat system will keep you coming back for more.

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China to ban video games featuring same-sex relationships

China enacts a ban on video games featuring homosexual relations.

According to South China Morning Post, a new government memo said only games describing a “correct set of values” would be approved by authorities, meaning new restrictions on games featuring same-sex relationships, “effeminate men” and characters including sex is not immediately apparent.

“If regulators cannot immediately say the gender of the character, the character setting could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised,” the note said, before clarifying that the ban includes games where male characters dress or act like women.

As part of this push towards what the country calls “morality,” the memo says Chinese authorities are also restricting games that “[blur] moral limits “by letting players make seemingly benign choices, such as playing an” evil “character.

“Players can choose to be good or bad… but we don’t think games should give players that choice,” he continued. “And that needs to be changed.”

The new rules are the result of an internal training course for the state-backed gaming association of China, which is supposed to teach game developers what is allowed and what is not allowed in their games. Recently, officials also met with two huge Chinese game companies – Tencent Holdings and NetEase – to explain what narrative elements would prevent their games from being released, citing everything from “gay love” to obsession with money as promotion of “bad” values.

However, this is only the latest version of the country’s strict media regulations and censorship laws, which also include a recent mandate limiting online games for children and teens to just three hours per week. Not only that, but in accordance with the previously mentioned gambling restrictions, China has also banned “sissy” and “sissy men”. television, which aligns with new anti-gay legislation that attempts to rebuild “traditional masculinity.” Instead, they are now suggesting that broadcasters simply fill the slots with programs promoting “excellent traditional Chinese culture.”

Read it South China Morning Postthe full report of here.

Photo via Getty / Kristian Dowling

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Online Gaming Market Size 2021-2028: Analysis by Key Leadnig Players

The Global Online Gaming Market Report is a comprehensive research which focuses on the overall consumption structure, development trends, sales patterns, and sales of major countries in the global industry. The report highlights the well-known suppliers of the global Revolving Doors industry, market segments, competition, and the macro environment. The Online Gaming Market report covers market segmentation, future scope, industry size and growth.

In addition, the objective of this market report is to provide related assessment among key players along with the cost and benefit of the programmed market. It also uses graphics to focus on industry standards to help businesses move forward smoothly. This market report makes it easier to determine the impact of COVID-19 on market growth. The primary objective of this Online Gaming Market report is to include quantitative data in the form of graphs and tables. Knowledge of market fundamentals is presented in a simple and understandable manner for the benefit of readers. Through this well-planned market analysis, all readers, along with sellers, buyers, and stakeholders, will gain a detailed understanding of the market conditions and industry environment.

Competition analysis

Understanding the changing needs of consumers, changes in the industry, legislative trends and user preferences is important in shaping a business. The interest of such a market study on Online Games cannot be explained, since all the commercial gain depends on it.

Primary and secondary market research tools are used in the process of sharing information in newspapers, magazines, and industry or government reports. In this way, any new kind of data can be analyzed and it can reach a large number of people. The global market research report is presented in a systematic form which may take the form of graphs, pictures, or images. This systematic presentation is a tool to help new market players which serves as a basic tool for the growth and development of the company.

The research focuses on the current market size of the online gaming market and its growth rates based on the records with company highlights of key players / manufacturers:

The main players covered by the online gaming markets:

  • Tencent
  • Netease
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Electronic arts
  • Sega
  • Ubisoft
  • Nintendo
  • Square Enix
  • Activision Blizzard Inc.
  • Gameloft SA
  • Glu Mobile
  • Kabam
  • Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
  • Supercell Oy
  • Zynga Inc.
  • Cyberagent
  • Walt disney
  • Gamevil

Segmentation of the online gaming market:

The online gaming market is split by type and by application. For the period 2021-2028, the cross-industry growth provides accurate calculations and sales forecast by type and application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you grow your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Distribution of the online games market by type:

Online Gaming Market Breakdown by Application:

  • Smartphone & Tablet
  • computer
  • TV
  • Other

Scope of the Online Gaming Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2028
Reference year considered 2021
Historical data 2015 – 2019
Forecast period 2021 – 2028
Quantitative units Revenue in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2027
Covered segments Types, applications, end users, etc.
Cover of the report Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free customization of the report (equivalent to 8 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.
Price and purchase options Take advantage of personalized shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

Regional Market Analysis Online gaming can be represented as follows:

Each regional online gaming sector is carefully studied to understand its current and future growth scenarios. It helps the players to strengthen their position. Use market research to gain a better perspective and understanding of the market and target audience and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Geographically, the global online gaming market has segmented as follows:

  • North America includes the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Europe includes Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain
  • South America includes Colombia, Argentina, Nigeria and Chile
  • Asia-Pacific includes Japan, China, Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia

Visualize Online Gaming Market Using Verified Market Intelligence: –

Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform to tell the story of this market. VMI provides in-depth predictive trends and accurate insights into over 20,000 emerging and niche markets to help you make key revenue impact decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a comprehensive overview and global competitive landscape of regions, countries, and segments, as well as key players in your market. Present your market reports and findings with built-in presentation capabilities, delivering over 70% of time and resources to investors, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. VMI supports data delivery in interactive Excel and PDF formats and provides over 15 key market indicators for your market.

The study thoroughly explores the profiles of the major market players and their main financial aspects. This comprehensive business analysis report is useful for all new entrants and new entrants as they design their business strategies. This report covers the production, revenue, market share and growth rate of the Online Games market for each key company, and covers the breakdown data (production, consumption, revenue and market share) by regions, type and applications. Historical online gaming distribution data from 2016 to 2020 and forecast to 2021-2029.

About Us: Market Research Intelligence

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and personalized research reports to clients across various industries and organizations, in addition to the goal of providing personalized and in-depth research studies.

We talk about solutions for logical research, personalized consulting and data severity analysis across a wide range of industries including energy, technology, manufacturing and construction, chemicals and materials, food and drink. Etc. Our research studies help our clients make more data-driven decisions, admit push predictions, grossly capitalize on opportunities, and maximize efficiency by acting as their belt in crime to adopt a mention precise and indispensable without compromise.

After serving the pinnacle of over 5,000 customers, we have provided expertly behaving affirmation research facilities to over 100 global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, IBM, Shell, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Siemens, Microsoft, Sony and Hitachi.

Contact us:

Mr. Edwyne Fernandes

United States: +1 (650) -781-480
UK: +44 (753) -715-0008
APAC: +61 (488) -85-9400
US Toll Free: +1 (800) -782-1768

Website: – https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/

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New free PlayStation Plus games for October now available


The new free PlayStation Plus games for October 2021 are now available. As previously announced, the lineup this time includes Hell let loose, Mortal Kombat X, and PGA 2K21 Tour. Hell let loose is specifically for the PlayStation 5 while Mortal Kombat X and PGA 2K21 Tour are both intended for the PlayStation 4. All three video games will remain available as part of the subscription service until November 1.

The typical warnings for “free” video games via PlayStation Plus all apply to Hell let loose, Mortal Kombat X, and PGA 2K21 Tour. Titles are only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, and even then only for the limited window between now and November 1. If a PlayStation Plus subscriber who claimed it abandons their subscription, they will lose access to titles until they re-subscribe to PlayStation Plus. With that said, all video games claimed in PlayStation Plus campaigns like this remain in the library as long as they have been claimed within the appropriate period of time, so anything that has previously been claimed remains claimed even if a subscription is made. ceases to be active.

As noted above, the free PlayStation Plus video games for October 2021, Hell let loose, Mortal Kombat X, and PGA 2K21 Tour, are now available. They will remain available for subscribers to claim until November 1. The former is for the PS5 while the latter two are for the PS4. At this point, it’s unclear what the free PlayStation Plus titles for November 2021 will be, although they will likely include a new version, as has been common in recent history. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the PlayStation Plus subscription service here.

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